Donensbourgh is a medieval RPG game single player in first person, made with UE4. The progress is based on skills with actions like crafting, farming, trading, cooking, talking, digging, fishing, feeding, ... There are no spells, combats or deaths involved. It's a another kind of medieval game. Just enjoy living in medieval era with realistic environments, tools and buildings.

Main characteristics: You can play as different roles: peasant, blacksmith, monk or soldier. At the moment only peasant role is under development. Each role has a main mission that must accomplish achieving many small missions and alternatively secondary missions.

The game has still a long way to the end but I have released already a public alpha that you can try on

Download Alpha on

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No idea, seriously, no idea. It could take years. I have already released an alpha build on that you can try here. Your feedback will improve the final game.
It will be released on PC Windows, Linux and Macintosh. I don't own PlayStation, XBox or Switch so I cannot build or even try it.
I will release the game in Spanish, English and Russian. I don't speak more languages, not planning to learn new ones at the moment and I cannot afford to pay a translator. The Early Access will be released only in English.
That's great! Taking in count that my game has zero budget and I'm doing alone at home with a laptop, being compared with games hundreds (if not thousands) times better with a bugdet in the order of millions is a great honor.
Yes, I am. I do the models, textures, lightning, shaders, foliage, C++ code, blueprints, level design, gameplay, user interface, animations, dialogs, audio, logo, icons, web and everything else. You can check my videos on youtube or twitch where I did almost all the game during streaming.